Well it has only taken three years – but the FG has FINALLY figured out something important.  He has FINALLY realized that IF you want to eat something, like a piece of banana, or a small piece of toast, or a carrot or a treat- you do NOT put it on the floor.  IF you think you like it, keep it in your mouth and run.  To the other room.  Even then – it is critical that you do NOT take time to examine the edible.  If it hits the floor, the shaggy Roomba suddenly appears out of nowhere, and your edible disappears. 

I have talked about how the FG likes to toss his treats-which usually results in him losing the treat.  Einstein is fast.  Lightning fast. He will even follow the FG to wait for him to drop it.  Usually, her highness will call Einstein away, giving the FG time to inspect the edible. 
But in the last week or so, the FG has finally figured out that he MUST chew any treats immediately.  And he CANNOT drop any pieces.  He has learned manners – how to chew  with his mouth closed.  He can now go to any fancy restaurant.  He has FINALLY realized what it’s like to live with two PONs.  And it only took three years.
My human took him for a walk yesterday and ran into Pig Pen and his human.  We haven’t gone for a walk with him in ages.  I always wait by his driveway to see if he is coming out.  And sometimes, he does race out to greet us, to do the obligatory sniffs – but we haven’t gone for a walk.  Probably because we were walking at 4:45AM.  Anyway, yesterday the FG got to see Pig Pen.  So her highness agreed to accompany them down the road to the golf course .The FG was on leash because his exuberance for seeing Pig Pen and his human could have resulted in injuries.  
They JUST started their walk and her highness noted something- they were spraying the course.  With something.  Well.  You would have thought they were walking through Chernobyl 20 years ago.  She promptly announced that their walk was over – much to the disappointment of the FG.
Her highness had talked with the guy who is the course manager.  Apparently, they spray fertilizer twice a year.  But when that happens, my human will not take us in the course for weeks after.  The FG had a total rinsing when he got home.  It may be a bit of overkill, but the effects of herbicides and pesticides CAN be bad.  So she’s not taking any chances.
Yup.  Between ticks, black flies and chemicals, she is looking to create doggie hazmat suits. There probably (sadly) is a market for them….
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days:  8

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