Shopping carts.

On this day in 1937, a guy by the name of Sylvan Goldman in Oklahoma, designed the first shopping cart.  So you guessed it – today is Shopping Cart Day.  I’ve been waiting all year for this day.  Sure I have.

Well, as you might expect on such an auspicious day, I would have to find some info on dogs and shopping carts.  And my old friend Google did not let me down.
First we have the story about a grocery store in Italy- where the owner has designed special carts so Fido can go along to pick out his own steak.  Mind you, Fido cannot be too large- or he wouldn’t fit in the cart.  The cart has a panel to separate it from the food section, and it is cleaned after each use.  We PONs would need bigger carts.  And picture the FG in a cart… Now THAT would be entertaining!
And of course, I had to find some videos – like this one of a dog who CLEARLY gets excited about shopping:
And if you REALLY want canine shopping cart entertainment, this video is pretty funny: 
There ARE stores in our area that allow pets. Remember the FG’s day of shopping.  The key is that we canines MUST be on our BEST behavior.  My human would never attempt to take more than one of us at a time. I’m not sure why….
And speaking of her highness, (that’s my new name for my human), she has a new project.   I should first mention that I started thinking that since Frodo and Elroy have nicknames- so should my human. I don’t have one – since I always write this blog – but you can call me either Your lordship, Oh Supreme being, Balthazar or Hank.  Your choice.
But back to her highness’ latest idea.  One of our great neighbors is helping her highness to construct raised beds.  To plant veggies and herbs.  Stop laughing.  She really is doing this. So once it is finished, we will be taking bets as to who will be the first dog to pee on the tomatoes.  Her highness says we will not be allowed around these boxes.  WHO is she kidding?  What dreamworld did she step into?! Looks like she retired and turned off her brain.   IF she manages to grow ANYTHING, it will be nothing short of a miracle.  We are talking about a woman who can kill artificial flowers.  I kid you not.  So THIS will be entertaining.
Times for walks.  We have been letting her highness sleep in until 6AM.  Well… that’s not entirely true. I TRY to get her up at 5, but she refuses.  I need to get back to training with her…
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 6

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