In the stars

So I was scrolling through  the internet and found one of “those” sites that lists the “best dogs for”….people who work at home….for emotional support animals… for people who are active… for people with blonde hair….OK – I made up that last one.  But you get the point. I have talked about this before.  These “scientific” sites.   But of course, I couldn’t RESIST looking at the “best dog” for humans with different Zodiac signs.  Now I am NOT a big follower of Zodiac stuff and neither is my human – although I HAVE caught her reading her daily horoscope in the paper.  If the prediction is good, she believes it.  If not – it’s just a bunch of hoohee.

So what did these sites say? According to the first site I found, my human, who is a Leo,  should have a Rottweiler.  That’s not even CLOSE to a PON or a Picard.

So I thought I would double check to see what another site says. Here they suggested a Cairn terrier, a Pomeranian, a Dachshund or a PUG!

Let’s check one more.  Here they suggested Chow chows – or PUGS again. That’s two votes for Pug…

And one LAST site.  Here they said a Golden.

I didn’t see PONs or Picards as a suggestion for ANY Zodiac signs.  What Zodiac sign has a LOT of patience?   And a sense of humor.   And I repeat – a LOT of patience.  Mind you – we PONs and Picards ARE smart – so we can train ANY Zodiac sign.

Speaking of which – time to take out our Leo. Oh – and tune in tomorrow to find out about my human’s latest crazy project…heaven help us….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 5

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