So we know that my human likes to take pictures of us.  Surprise, surprise.  JUST in case she forgets what we look like.  She currently has 50,455 photos in something called the “cloud.”  Let’s hope it doesn’t rain and she loses all those images.  Just wondering – where IS this cloud…. My guess is that 50, 000 of those photos are of dogs.  I am NOT kidding.

In addition to thousands of photos, my human also loves canine artwork.  So when she saw a posting by an artist on Facebook, advertising that she does digital images of dogs – you KNOW that my human could NOT pass up the chance to get some. And we love the results!

MoonCollie Art does digital portraits, caricatures of your dog, detailed portraits, logos…all kinds of wonderful artwork.

Kim will be ending all of her different types of custom portraits after this week – SO, if you want to have a quick sketch done – like one of these – contact her TODAY!   And I MEAN TODAY!   This offer is over on Saturday night.  These sketches were each done for $15 US.  Kim also does logos for National Dog events – and she will be busy doing that – so portraits will be put on hold.  IF you contact her – tell her Viktor sent you!  Check us out!



The FG:

Kim emails you the sketches- so it is easy to do.  You just need a good photo of your dog.  I know that she is quite busy – so you MAY have a wait a bit – but it’s worth it!  And no – I am not getting anything for this plug – just the pleasure of sharing an artist’s work with you!

IT IS FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And we survived four weeks of my human at work.  She has next week off and then she works just ONE more week.  And then we are back to retirement.  More walks, extra snacks, extra belly rubs, more games of fetch….What’s another word for retriement?  Heaven.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up:
Seizure free days: 3

One thought on “Artwork.

  1. God Bless you, Viktor, and God Bless the human you chose. She's a great lady ! She knows – the Polski chooses the human. I bring fraternal greetings from across the Bifrost Rainbow Bridge, from Barney, son of Mutley (or to quote his name posh, Crufts style, Jonasz de Halkaza in Megsflocks, Oxford) and I was in the mortal realm from 1990 to 2003. I chose my family when I took a big jump into my brother Kevin's Mum's arms. I was the first PON in Cyprus. I'm now in Valhalla, where every good PON should be – but I visit my dearly missed human brother Kevin in his dreams. We are so much alike – everything you do, I did. So, much love and respect, kinsman ! Oh, yeah, and Kev sends his love too ! xx


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