May 15. And it’s Nylon Stockings Day. Now THAT is the biggest waste of money in this household.  AFTER holiday attire from the Dollar Store.

In this day and age of technology and invention, why can’t they create dog-proof nylon stockings/pantyhose? And it doesn’t matter what my human pays for the stuff – whether she buys “good stuff” at a department store – or the stuff from the dreaded Dollar Store – NOTHING can withstand us canines.

When I was searching for a link between us canines and hosiery – I of course found horror stories of dogs who ate them.  Now I like to eat things – but ONLY edible things.  Pantyhose is more in line with the appetite that Paxton had. Obviously, the consumption of pantyhose can have serious results. 

I also found that around 2013, there was a BIG trend in China for DOGS to wear pantyhose.  I am NOT kidding.  I was going to post a video – but frankly, it was just TOO weird.  Wearing antlers for a quick photo is one thing.  Pantyhose – well I’m not even SURE how you would manage to get them on us.  Trust me – even my human draws the line there!

I did find a GOOD use for used pantyhose – you can make a rope tug toy!  That’s one way to reuse all those pairs that have runs in them.  Which is pretty much every pair that is currently in this house.  My human always has one or two damaged pairs – JUST IN CASE, she needs them –  if the run is in a location not visible.  For the time being.  Anyway – if you have a dog who won’t CONSUME the toy – here are the instructions:

I also found this short video with another use for pantyhose – they can be used to create a muzzle for a dog in an emergency situation.  Seems like a reasonable idea.

Apparently, if you use pantyhose as a glove, it can remove dog hair from fabric.  Now THIS one we have to try out.  I don’t think my human owns a piece of clothing that doesn’t have dog hair on it somewhere.  We can make our hair stick to silk.  It’s an art.

I also saw that if you put a piece of nylon over a brush (with the bristles poking through) it makes cleaning the brush easier.   I say skip the brushing.  That makes cleaning the brush unnecessary.

So those are my nylon/pantyhose suggestions for today.  Wasn’t that was riveting info?

On another note….thank you for all your kind messages and concern about my seizures.  My human is anxious to be home with me – to get this hopefully, under control again. We are eternally optimistic.  Some days.

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days:  1

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