I have a question.  Do any of you live with a dog who likes to do fashion reviews?  We do.  It’s the FG and he is famous for it.

At first my human thought it was coincidence.  She would appear from the bedroom wearing some new piece of attire and the FG immediately needed to inspect  it.  It generally involved him burying his nose in the fabric.
After this past week, my human is certain his fashion review is not coincidental.  She had purchased a few new items for spring to wear to work.  Given that she only has two more weeks of work, I think the money would have been better spent on dog biscuits.  Or dog toys.  But no – she had to outfit herself.
First there was a new pair of pants.  Personally, I think they are too short- but what do I know about fashion trends.  I prefer to wear my birthday suit. Anyway, she came out of the bedroom and went to take each of us out for a pee.  She nearly tripped over the FG- he was so busy sizing up her pant legs. 
Then she had a new jacket.  He sat right up and had to bury his nose smack dab in the middle of her stomach. He checks out everything she wears – but new items are his favorite.
I think he has his own blog writing style reviews.  It probably has to do with that Picard trait where they notice details.  And they notice change.  She isn’t wearing her usual at-home-dog-attire so he notices and pays attention.  It’s either that, or his French sense of style.  For us PONs, there is zero interest because new attire does not yet have dog treats in the pockets.  So the Picard is definitely the fashionista in this house.
Well it’s Monday.  With a full week of guard duty ahead. But then NEXT week my human is OFF.  Then one LAST week of work.  And then OFFICIAL retirement and full time dog servant.   We cannot WAIT.
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 11

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