Happy National Dog Mom’s Day

It’s here.  The second Saturday in May. AND what day is this?  Why it’s National Dog Mom’s Day!!!!  A day to honor all those women out there who are proudly “owned” by us canines.  Tomorrow is a day to celebrate HUMAN Moms – but today it’s all about crazy dog women.

My human has been “Mom” to nine canines in her adult years.  And each one of us teaches her something new. Her first dog – Barney the rescue terrier-cross, taught her how to avoid dog bites. He was her “first” and he taught her about things like resource guarding, obedience (and lack thereof) and about how some dogs like to steal – and bury food.  In places like sofa cushions.  But he also taught her about unconditional love. 

The four Bernese that she was owned by introduced her to the world of competitive obedience – and the world of draft.  No – not beer draft.  But pulling a cart draft.  She even entered a HUGE obedience competition in the US for something called a Bernese Specialty show.  Specialties are when dogs of the same breed come together to compete in beauty pageants and performance events – like obedience and draft and rally.  Anyway, it their very first obedience trial ever – and in that big show, they placed first in their class.  It was a moment she will always remember.  Harper worked his heart out for her.  He always did.  And all her Bernese did whatever she asked.  That’s just who they were.

Her Labrador, Beamish introduced her to the world of field work.  She suddenly found herself in fly infested fields and swamps, throwing retrieving toys for the energetic Lab – to prepare for competition. They competed and passed the first level of field work – and although my human had HUGE doubts that they would actually pass – Beamish didn’t let her down.  His tail never stopped wagging.

We PONs have taught my human a LOT.   She has learned that some dogs NEVER forget – and dogs who are food motivated are EASY to train.   VERY easy to train.  She has also learned that she must always be one step ahead of us because we are SO clever.  In addition, she has learned a LOT about grooming.  Einstein also introduced my human to beauty pageants – the first of her dogs to get a conformation title.  Even after he pooped in the Group ring the first time they went in…

And then we come to the FG.  He has taught her that some breeds are TRULY comedic.  And they never fail to put a smile on your face.  And fussy eaters.  And quirky.  And FAST.  AND HUGE cuddle-loving monsters.   And people loving machines.  And they DO like sheep!  And every day is a new adventure.

I’m sure no matter what breed or multi-breed that you have been owned by, you have learned what it is like to share a piece of your heart and soul with that canine “kid”.  I guess in some ways we are rather different from human kids – we are ALWAYS happy to see you, we generally do not sulk, our favorite thing (even when we are teens) is to be WITH you, and we don’t leave our laundry lying on the floor. 

I suppose we are similar in that we don’t pick always up our toys – although I HAVE seen canines put toys away.  But not in this house.  You have to feed us.  And pay for our education.  You see to it that we get medical attention when needed.  And helping with homework is pretty critical.

Anyway, we are so happy we picked our human.  And we will happily let her sleep in today.  Until 6AM.  We plan to bring her kisses in bed.  Einstein has agreed that today he will not bark out orders – as is his usual routine.  We have all agreed no pulling on leashes.  We will not countersurf.  And we will be generally well-behaved.  I say “generally” because I want to be realistic.

So happy National Dog Mom’s Day to all the Moms out there.  We are SO happy (and lucky) we share our lives with you!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 9

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