Time for some updates on the relatives.  The CANINE relatives.

First off, the FG is an uncle.  A distant uncle.  His half brother, James Bond is the father to a new treasury of Picards!!!!!!  A very lovely girl by the name of Mia, had eight puppies – 3 girls and 5 boys!!!!!!!   Mother and babies are doing great.  Rumor has it, my human plans to visit them some time in June.  We’ll just see about that.  And before anyone asks – no she is not bringing home a puppy.  I mean can you IMAGINE four dogs in this household?!  TWO Picards and TWO PONs?!  She says she doesn’t have enough money to buy the extra costumes at the Dollar Store.  Nope.  It isn’t going to happen.  But she IS looking forward to seeing them – and rumor has it, the FG might be going along for the ride….

Meanwhile, my niece, Ginny (Einstien’s daughter) has all grown up.  She passed her first obedience class and LOVES her Wheaten sister, Prim.  Her only vice…..Surprise, surprise – she likes to bark.  ALL the time.  Sound familiar?  The biscuit doesn’t fall far from the bowl.

In blog news…this week, Canada is leading the USA.   Followed by the UK, Australia and Switzerland.  Leading in what?  Visits to my blog site.     I can’t see WHO is clicking on my ads – but they actually do narrow it down by country!  My readership stats never ever got straightened out from the problem I had in the fall.  All I know is back in October EVERYBODY who has a blog had a major hit in the number of visitors to their blogs.  And it has never returned to that number of pageviews.  It’s a bit depressing because you can’t figure out your growth – if you have growth.  I’m so happy for those of you who DO take the time out to read about my adventures.  I also welcome your feedback and ideas about how I can make my blog better.  I added the Instagram link – which has photos not always seen on my blog.  But I’m always trying to think of ways to spice things up.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY and we are starting to see the light at the end of the work tunnel.  We want our human back – and it won’t be long now!

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free. days: 7

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