Bunnies. And blood pressure.

So my human started this little “game” with the FG.  And is beginning to regret it…

For the longest time, when my human would walk the FG and she would see wildlife, she would stop and point him in the right direction to watch it.  She would say “there’s a bunny” or “there’s a goose,” and would let him watch the animals or birds until they continued on their way.  But recently she started this thing where she whispers to him “I think I saw a bunny.”  And the whispering, for some reason,  REALLY suddenly gets his attention.  He’s totally into the whisper mode and he looks in earnest for the hidden wildlife. But, the whispering also gets him excited…
So NOW when he spots the wildlife, he is no longer content to just watch it.  He WANTS it.  Like me. When the bunny was spotted the other night, as they went on their evening walk, he nearly took her arm off trying to get that bunny.  Bunnies have become something to chase…

Yesterday morning as my human was getting dressed, Einstein started barking.  It was too early for any deliveries, but my human looked out the window to check.  She saw nothing. She put me on leash and as is our usual routine, and went to take us out for our pee before she left for work.  Einstein began scratching at the door and barking.  My human knew there was nothing there, so she opened the door.  Einstein BOLTED out to chase a rabbit, (which is as we know, now becoming a daily routine) and I bolted, but still on leash.  Same old, same old. BUT – my human didn’t realize that the FG had come up right behind her and as she went to open the screen door, not only did Einstein and I run out – but he shoved his way past her and bolted out the door.  In hot pursuit of that bunny.  A slew of unprintable vocabulary spewed from my human’s mouth and she immediately turned around – shoved me into the house and grabbed a leash.  She went to the door and only saw Einstein standing in the driveway, looking at her.  The FG was no where in sight.  She called Einstein and he came running as she grabbed her car key and her phone.  She left us in the house as she raced to the garage – heart pounding.  As she was getting in the car, she was already calling Pig Pen’s human to put her on alert.  She knew she would need recruits.  Poor Pig Pen’s human answered the phone with a happy “Good morning” only to be greeted by my human shouting “He’s on the run!!!!!!!”  My human backed out of the garage and told Pig Pen’s human the FG was loose – to which her friend replied that she would grab Pig Pen and head out.  My human wasn’t half way up the driveway and who did she spot on the road?  The escapee. He saw the car and came racing toward her.  She put on the brakes and threw open the door – talking in that fake “Oh hello voice” which really means “PLEASE DON’T RUN!!!!”   She ran to the back, opened the hatch and he happily jumped in.  He thought he was going somewhere. Little did he know somewhere was right back to the garage.  When she opened the hatch when they pulled in, he didn’t want to get out of the vehicle.  This was NOT what he had in mind when he came to the car.  Busted.

My human’s heart was literally pounding in her chest.  I’m sure her blood pressure was sky high.  But – the good news – everyone was safe and sound.  Well – “sound” is probably a misnomer.   And the other good thing -,even after all of that – she got to work on time!

Never, EVER a dull moment. Thank goodness it’s Friday!

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 1

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