Peeing. Chapter 12.

It was Wednesday morning.  4:45 AM.  Still dark out.  No rain – in fact the skies are clear and the stars are still out.  It’s peaceful.   You can hear the sound of the loons on the lake.  And if you listen carefully, you can hear the Barred Owl – which none of us has ever seen – but we have heard his haunting calls in the dark.  Two shaggy dogs are marching down the road.  And in this peaceful scene you hear the human they own, repeating in a loud whisper:   “NO – don’t pee on the neighbor’s garbage can!!!!!  Stop.  Whoa!!  AGH!!!!!! Frodo I said don’t PEE there. Viktor.  Viktor, no.  Don’t pee there.”  The message is repeated as they march down the road.  Ah yes – it’s Wednesday.  Garbage Day.

We often end up walking down the middle of the road on garbage day.   But let’s face it – we can’t pee there.  So we DO need to walk along the side of the road too.  My human must be VERY careful if one of us happens to poop anywhere NEAR a garbage can.  Because while she is picking up, someone else is attempting to pee on the can.  Why pee on the can?  Because it’s there.

And speaking of peeing…

I read that on this day in 2018, some scientists discovered that plants “talk to each other” through their roots.  They did some work with corn seedlings and supposedly discovered that the plants secrete some chemicals into the soil to basically inform other plants that they are there – prompting the other plants to grow more actively.   It was published in a journal called Plos One. I’m not really sure about all this plant communication stuff – but it DID get me thinking.  Can you imagine if the plants in our yard could communicate to one another?   The conversation would be like this:  “Look out Joe – here they come.  Duck down your leaves.  Don’t pick me.  Don’t pick me.  Aghhhhh.  The first one is peeing on me.  You KNOW another one is coming!!!   Hey – warn the new guy who was just planted.  You KNOW he will be hit.  They always love the new guys.  Sam over there doesn’t look so good.  He was pretty accessible all winter – and he was their first target almost every day.  But Bart looks fine – those Hosta guys are tough.” 

Can you imagine those scientists when they analyze those transcripts….

Ah yes.  The joys of be owned by us boy dogs…

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 0

Last night I had a seizure at bed time. Almost made it to a month…

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