Dyngus Day. And sad news….well. Not THAT sad.

It’s Dyngus Day!  The day after Easter – and I just read that it is also called Wet Easter Monday.  It’s that famous Polish holiday where boys douse girls with water and hit them with pussy willows.  In a romantic gesture.  No.  I didn’t make this up. What Marci Gras is to the beginning of Lent, Dyngus Day is to the end.  When you think St. Patrick’s Day you think Irish.  On Dyngus Day, everybody is Polish.  You can read my previous Dyngus Day posts or Google it – and you will see it’s true.  It’s also a BIG holiday in my human’s hometown of Buffalo, NY. 

The only problem….I have scrolled through LOTS of Dyngus Day websites and videos from the festivities in Buffalo.  I saw lots of perogies, kielbasa, and golumpki, and heard lots of polka music.  I saw traditional polish costumes.  And I saw the odd glass of vodka.  BUT – come on Buffalo – I did not see ONE PON!  If anyone has seen one in a Buffalo parade, let me know.   Otherwise, I’m going next year.
The only reason I didn’t go THIS year is because…sad news.   My human is going back to work today.  OK.  It’s not forever.  Just until the end of May.  She PROMISES that she will be officially DONE with work at the end of May.   Completely, entirely DONE.  It seems there were some people who needed some help – and she just could not say no.  Funny – she can say no to me.  Like when I beg for more treats.   Anyway, she will have a week off mid May, then work the last week of May, and May 31 will be OUR Dyngus Day celebration!
Crank up the accordion!  And warm up the kielbasa! Happy Dyngus Day!
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 19

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