Easter tidings

I told you how she could only find two pairs of rabbit ears.   One pair went mysteriously missing….So I THOUGHT we would not have to go through the dreaded trio photo.  But no.  She had to go shopping for groceries the other day – and just so happened to be passing by the Dollar Store.  I kid you not.  Which reminds me – I forgot to tell you that when my human retired – one of her old friends and colleagues got her, as part of her retirement gift – a gift card to the Dollar Store.  Clearly that woman is NOT a friend of ours.

Instead of the GIANT ears, which are problematic because they do bear a resemblance to those old fashioned TV antennas, and they tend to fall down –  she bought ears that are much more proportional. Oh goody.

After 769 shots – she got the one you see above.  But not before the following…

To get our attention, she throws a ball.  Instead of landing behind her – it goes to our left…

She tries again.  Remember, she is NOT what you would call coordinated. It goes to our right…

Now the FG starts sliding down.  He doesn’t feel like sitting through this.  At the same time, Einstein is showing his opinion.  I, on the other hand, look adorable…

Now the FG and I are starting to look sad.  But Einstein is looking good.

She throws the ball again.  To our left.  Einstein ignores it. 

You need to keep in mind that we are getting treats in between shots.  But DO NOT drop a treat.   Because even if you pick it up, I STILL need to check to make sure there are no more on the floor. 

Now Einstein starts barking “For the love of heaven can we PLEASE get this over with!!!!”  Meanwhile, the FG looks like a rabbit in headlights.  But that’s the best expression we can get from him.

Anyway, we survived and she finally got a photo she liked.   Oh – and there is one more….

Have a Happy Easter!   And all canines – stay out of the chocloate!

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 18

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