It rained. I poured.

Well I’m afraid I took the word “good” out of Good Friday.  

Yesterday my human got up early. Her old friend Joanie was in town and they had arranged to meet for breakfast.  We canines were a bit slow to get up because it was pouring rain.  And we know that sound.
First the FG was taken out. Then it was our turn.  We know when my human says “we are going quick, quick, quick” that it means we are not going for a walk up the road, but rather in the back yard instead to make our deposits.
She took me on a leash and Einstein was free.  She figured she would need to keep me out there to go – I would just want to head back in the house.  
Much to her surprise, I actually made a beautiful deposit.  Quickly.  Happy dance in the rain.  She let me off my leash and I ran around to the front door to stay dry.  Meanwhile, Einstein was standing there looking forlorn and like a drowned rat.  She instructed him to “hurry up” which he slowly did. 
We came back in the house and had our breakfasts.  My human then went into the bathroom to take her shower. 
When she came out, she took us through the garage to the side yard to let us have a quick pee before she left us. While we were outside, she went in the house to hide some kibble for us, so we would be entertained for 3.2 seconds when she left.  We find the kibble pretty quickly.  And that’s when she discovered a huge pee spot on the dining room carpet.  She froze. We know that if she is out and finds a pee spot on her return- it is a sign I have had a seizure. She began to panic.  Did I have a seizure when she was in the shower?! But I didn’t have my post-seizure crazy starved look.  I appeared FINE.
As she rushed to clean up the pee, she began to quickly watch a rerun on Big Brother to see if I had indeed had a seizure.  She scanned through and didn’t think anything looked strange, but had to go because she was already late to meet Joanie.
She looked at me, and I looked completely fine. Completely.  So who peed?
She arrived late at the restaurant- explaining to Joanie about the last minute unexpected clean up.  And being the great friend that she is, she didn’t mind reviewing the footage on Big Brother – before they even ate.  I mean who wants to watch film footage of dogs not doing much.  Like waiting for a giraffe to give birth.  Weeks before the due date.
They scrolled through to the part where my human would have left us alone while she showered.  They saw me chewing on a bone, and then rolling on the carpet.  NOT because I was having a seizure- but because I was damp from the rain – and post-rain rolls are fun.  Then they watched me as I stood up, shook myself off, walked around the table, stretched and then STOOD THERE and had a big pee.  Busted.  
You see, when I went out in the rain and I pooped, I was SO anxious to get back in the house, that I never bothered to pee.  And let’s face it, when a guy has gotta go, a guy has gotta go.  I’m blaming it on my medication.
The good news – my human was SO relieved I didn’t have a seizure, she wasn’t angry that I peed.   I mean she wasn’t HAPPY, but at least she knew we didn’t have to reset my counter.  Yup – always gotta look at the bright side of things!  
More rain in the forecast for today….I’m thinking though, that I had better not push my luck- so I had better pee outside.  Not to mention the fact that she will be WATCHING me…
Of course….some COULD surmise that this whole incident was payback for the Easter attire…. I’ll just continue to blame it on my medication…
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 17

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