Well we know what is coming on Sunday.  Easter. And we know what that means…
But guess what?  A set of bunny ears has gone missing!   My human searched through the big bin of Dollar Strore props and attire – and she could only find two pairs of ears. Now I wonder what could have happened to the third set (insert mysterious music.). Perhaps a burglar came in during the night while we were all sound asleep….(spooky music gets louder.  Add howling of coyotes.  Make that a howling PON).  It would be pretty tough to get past all three canines, but could it have happened?  Did someone PAY off the burglar to steal the ears…
Or …Did someone happen to see an odd shape in the garbage bag going out to the street? (Stop the music). 
Or…(start music again), did anyone happen to notice a strange blue piece of fabric in the poop that has emerged in the yard since the snow melted?  (Really loud music – with lots of cellos).  Whose poop was it? (Camera pans all three innocent faces)…
This could seriously make a great movie in cinemas. Or at least a Hallmark TV movie. 
So since we didn’t find that extra set, oh darn, we still haven’t taken the trio shot.  We did though, do all of our individual photos.   
And since I KNOW that you love these things- I am happy to share a few of our favorite bloopers.  I KNOW you have been waiting for these…

Now before anybody calls PETA to protest abuse, given our sad expressions and my insistence on sticking out my tongue- you need to know that my human had a hard time actually selecting bloopers!  You will see in the final selection- that we are happy and smiling!   We are given LOTS of treats. And the FG gets to play fetch between every second shot, because he doesn’t care about the treats!   Getting him to smile, whether he is wearing attire or not is a whole other issue.  He’s a pouty, temperamental model!

Anyway, part one Easter photos is done.  And if those ears don’t materialize (trust me – they won’t) , I’m not so sure that there will be a trio photo.  Mind you, she still has time to go to the Dollar Store.  Yikes.  Don’t tell her I said that…
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 15

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