April 17. And according to the crazy calendar it is International Haiku Poetry Day.  

Haiku is a Japanese poetry form, made up of three lines.  The first and third lines have 5 syllables and the second has 7 syllables.  And they don’t need to rhyme.
OK.  I’m not great at this poetry thing, but here we go…
Polish Lowland pup
So stubborn, funny, brilliant 
A shaggy angel.
The Berger Picard
Oh so happy go lucky
Yet ever alert.
 I smelled the rabbit 
And off I went to find him.
In trouble again.
He stares at his food
And we stare at him and groan
Meal time every day.
We must quickly hide
She is coming for us now.
It is torture time.
The constitutional
As a parade of bagpipes
Walking us three dogs.
Three dogs had good poops,
There was rejoicing today
Humans are so weird.
OK that is it.
Enough of this feeble try
To be poetic.
Time to WALK!
Have a good one! Peace and paws up 
Seizure free days: 14

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