Raphael. And tartans.

April 6.  And it’s the birthday of the famous Italian Renaissance painter, Raphael.  Raphie to his friends. OK.  I made that up.  But not the birthday part.

Anyway, I couldn’t find any Raphael dog paintings.  He was more into religious art.  I DID find a painting he did of Saint Francis of Assisi- and we know he is the patron Saint of Animals.  Of course we know that – who could forget the scene we created during the blessing of the pets on Saint Francis’ Feast Day?  Bet they don’t schedule that again this year. Anyway, that’s the closest connection between dog painting and Raphie that I could find. 
Since I wasn’t having a lot of luck finding paintings OF dogs, I decided to look for some paintings BY dogs.  Check out these Pupcassos.


I watched the video links for Jumpy. There was a video of him doing 20 stunts in a minute.  That dog is crazy.  Serious crazy.  And then I watched him painting a sunset.  He gets lots of instruction on how to do the painting.  So it’s not REALLY his own impression. OK – who am I kidding.  It’s not like I would ever want to hold a brush that long.  The guy is amazing.  He can even sign his name.  Good thing they didn’t call him Bartholomew.  He would need a REALLY big canvas.

Most of the other dogs listed in this article are into abstract art.  I did like the painting that Chloe did.  Well – she participated in painting.  Her human did a stencil, and then Chloe added the paint.  That finished work is very cool.

I think my human really has to let us try painting. We already leave lovely olfactory art on windows and doors.  This is just the next step.

April 6 is ALSO Tartan Day.  I’ve written about this holiday before, but if you’re new to my blog, you may want to go back and take the Scottish dog quiz:

Even though I decided not to write about it again – you KNOW my human HAD to get a photo of all three of us wearing our tartan scarves that she bought us last summer.  When she went away.  Sure – we appreciate the handiwork.  But frankly, biscuits would have been a BIT more exciting.  Mind you we did get lots while taking the photo… Happy Tartan Day!!!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 3 

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