Some days when we dogs behave, or nothing wild has happened at our home, which I realize is not all that often, I rely on the crazy calendar or historical facts that somehow tie into dogs to write in my blog.  Well, today was a bit of a stretch- but I did it!

According to the crazy calendar, on this day in 1923, Firestone Tire and Rubber Company started producing inflatable tires.  So what do tires and dogs have in common?  

A lot!  First off- we like to pee on them.  Yes, there are actual websites that discuss why we canines like to pee on car tires.  I’m surprised no one has obtained grant funding to do the research on it.  Some theorize that once one dog pees on a tire, the scent stays a long time on the rubber.  And you know us boys – if someone has been there,we need to overmark him!  
Some theorize that because tires travel through all kinds of great scents – like roadkill, they are particularly interesting and pee-able.
Well here’s the real reason.  They are there. They are a vertical surface.  Tree, fire hydrant, wall, fence, tire, newly planted shrub – it’s all the same to us boys.  Heck, we’ll pee on a human leg.  It’s kind of like asking why the chicken crossed the road…
But back to tires.  I found several websites that show how to make dog beds from old tires!!! You basically take an old tire, clean it well, paint it with a paint that will adhere to rubber, stuff the center with a pillow and voila – a dog bed.  It would obviously work well for smaller dogs.  To make one for the FG, my human would need one of those tires off a huge truck.  Then, knowing this household, after she went through all the work, including 14 cans of spray paint, none of us would want to use it.  It would make such a nice addition to our home which has a Kuranda Dog bed (best money ever spent according to my human) in the dining room and the FG pony-sized crate in the bedroom.  Perfect. A truck tire bed….
The dog toy maker Kong, does make some rubber chew tires for dogs.  I must confess, we are not really into Kong stuff. And don’t worry- it’s not because we don’t have probably every Kong toy ever produced.  We even had a Kong bed.  Remember that one?  It lasted less than an hour.  And the toys?  Not interested.  But the tire is nice to look at. 
A crazy story came out of Australia several years ago about a stray dog that attacked the tire on a police car.  The dog punctured the tire.  The officer left to fix the tire, returned, and Fido again punctured a tire.  This time the officer called for another police vehicle.  Fido also punctured a tire on that vehicle.  They called for more back up.  They called animal control.  Guess what Fido did to a tire on the van of the animal control officer – before Fido ran away? Yup.  Tire number four!  The story went on to say that they finally found and captured the dog, at his home, and he couldn’t be returned until his owners constructed a safe enclosure for him.  I want to see that dog’s teeth!!
So that’s the story on tires and dogs.  Hope you didn’t get tired reading it. Sorry.  It’s Friday.  I couldn’t resist.
Have a good one. Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 2

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