The nurse can go off duty


Well Einstein had his lumpectomy yesterday.  The worst part of the day was breakfast.  As you may recall, he could not have breakfast.    My human had to figure out how to feed me and the FG, without Einstein watching.  So she had a plan…

She walked the FG first.  Which is the normal routine.   But she left no treats for me and Einstein – which was a bit odd.  Then she took me – by myself for a walk.  Finally she took Einstein out.  She walked out the door and told him to wait.  She ran back in and gave me and the FG our breakfasts.  Like she thought Einstein wouldn’t know.  She thought she was extremely clever – I was in my usual spot in the kitchen and the FG was in his usual spot in the front hall.  She then took Einstein for a short walk.  She told him to wait when they came back so she could go in and pick up the FG’s dish before Einstein could get it.  Because he often leaves SOMETHING in his bowl.  A brilliant plan.  Or so she thought. 

She walks in the door before Einstein, and grabs the dish. Only one BIG mistake.  She leaves the front door partly open.  She turns around to see the FG going out.  And of course, he KNOWS he is FREEEEEEE.  She steps to the door and does the cutesy futile “come here Baby,” voice.  He turns on a dime and is off.  She puts Einstein in the house, grabs her cars keys and hits and garage door opener.  In the meantime she is already calling Pig Pen’s human on the phone to warn her that the escapee is probably headed her way.  She is not even through leaving a message, when she spots the wily coyote running up the neighbor’s driveway toward her car which is now on the road.  She slams the brakes and jumps out before he is on the road.  Now.  How to catch him without him taking off again.  Luckily he came to her when she opened the hatch on the car.  And in he went.  With my human huffing and puffing.  Disaster quickly averted.

We hung out in the afternoon waiting for news on Einstein. When my human first went in to the vet, she wondered if the lump was smaller.  I think she was just nervous about the whole surgery thing – and wanted to be sure it was necessary.  The vet said it was the same size – and although she wasn’t concerned about it – it probably would not go away on its own – and would just make my human wonder.  So my human handed off Einstein to very good hands. 

She decided to do some retail therapy to keep her mind off Einstein.  She went to the grocery store and wasn’t gone an hour when her phone rang.  Uh-oh she thought.  Einstein’s surgery was DONE.  They didn’t have to do a general anesthetic – so he was good to go.

She rushed over to pick him up.  The vet said it WAS just a cyst.  So that was fantastic news.  My human was SO relieved – thank you for all your positive thoughts, good wishes and prayers!   They WORKED!!!!

The vet did add that she thought she heard a bit of a heart murmur, which has never been detected before.  She told my human that we would just keep an eye on it- checking him every couple of months to be sure it does not get worse.  At this point, she said there was no reason for serious concern.

Although he didn’t have a general anesthetic, he was given something to make him a bit drowsy.  When he came in the house he looked a little disheveled – and he was NOT in the mood for us sniffing his butt.  Or anything else.  My human put his Gortex coat on – so neither he nor we could poke at his incision.   His stitches come out in two weeks. 

Pig Pen is recovering from his surgery too.   The vet felt that she was able to get clear margins and there were no signs of Mast Cells in his lymph nodes.   So another great bit of news.

Hopefully the infirmary can be closed down now for a while.  The nurse needs a bit of a break.  She’ll get that at work.

Thanks again for all your support!!

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.

Seizure free days: 7

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