Time for some dog news.  Did you hear the story about the Staffordshire Terrier who was traveling home to Amsterdam after participating in some dog shows in the US – and she “escaped” her crate at the airport?  Yup – apparently she got out of her crate and was running loose at the Atlanta airport – one of the busiest airports in the world.  The airport is on 4600 acres – so Gale had lots of room to run.  Some news reports say she was missing three days and some say four.  Anything longer than three seconds would be enough to make most human owners crazy.  But the good news – she was found, safe and sound.  My big question… did she get out of her crate in the first place.  This was obviously not her first time traveling…. Just wondering…

If you are like my human, and you want to learn more about your dog’s health, you may be interested in the VetVine webinars.  I may have mentioned this is the past – but no harm in repeating it.  Go to this website- and register- it is FREE.  
The topics are broad – everything from cancer to fleas and ticks, orthopedic issues , behavior and allergies.  You can listen to previous sessions or listen live as they occur.  We have signed up for the session April 10 on CBD oil. 
These sessions are not to replace visits to your vet – but they give you better knowledge about your dog’s health issues.  And it allows you to be more informed when you have conversations with your vet.
Today Einstein goes in for his lump removal.  Meanwhile- our old buddy Pig Pen had to undergo surgery yesterday for removal of a Mast Cell Tumor on his ear!!!   He has joined the infirmary.  
We had a great walk with him yesterday morning- before his humans got the news that he needed surgery.   Well – some of us had a great walk… Humpty Picard had to be put on leash during HIS walk because he was finding Pig Pen a tad too attractive.  We PONs didn’t care – mind you I was still on a leash.  Lumpy-Limpy was loose as he appears to have recovered from his limp. And he didn’t attempt to hump Pig Pen.  I think the Spring air has really affected the Picard.  He doesn’t attempt that behavior with us – because, well… we’re not as compliant as Pig Pen…
So here’s hoping Einstein does well – and that Pig Pen’s surgery was successful – and he is going to be OK.
We should be offering our own webinar…
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 6

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