One step forward…

One step forward.  One step wrong.

Yesterday, a loyal blog reader aptly named us Limpy, Lumpy and Torn.  I, of course am Limpy, Einstein is Lumpy and the FG is Torn – for his dew claw injury on the play battlefield the day before yesterday.
My human doesn’t have kids, but she has often heard friends talk about the paranoia and obsession humans have with their first child.  They rush them in to the doctor with the littlest sniffle or papercut.  By the time child three comes along,  the kid has to be either comatose or the limb is falling off before the parents get worried.  And the same is true with dogs.
Once upon a time, my human would have freaked out at the blood on the FG’s leg.  She would have gone right home, put him in Ludwig, and driven right to the closest animal emergency clinic.  But given that he is her 9th dog, she no longer freaks out.  Sure – if we are SERIOUSLY in need of care, she would take us in.  But it didn’t appear that he was about to lose his leg, so she cleaned him up, bandaged the leg, and that was that.
So that injury appears to be fine.  Still – she didn’t want to see him tear it again while it is healing, so when Pig Pen’s human texted yesterday morning to again go for a walk, we PONs got to go.
I started off not too badly – not too limpy – so she made the mistake of letting me loose.  The limping reappeared- so no more off leash – not matter how much I beg – for at least a week.  Meanwhile, Lumpy was having a grand time.  He would find the last patches of snow, as he did last week, and throw himself down.  Pig Pen doesn’t quite know what to make of him when he does this. 
We had a great walk, but as we were heading for home, my human noticed Lumpy was now limping.  Front leg.  Just like me.  So we have Limpy, Lumpy-Limpy and Cranky – because the FG was annoyed he only got to go for a walk with my human- and no off leash running with Pig Pen.
We survived the winter ice- only to injure ourselves at the first signs of Spring.  It’s probably a good thing my human has to work next week- it will give us a chance to recuperate!
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 5

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