The dog infirmary

Welcome to the dog infirmary. 

First it was my seizure the other day.  Got through that.  
Unfortunately though, as we know, I can be a bit uncoordinated with the effects of my meds.  But, that doesn’t slow me down one bit.  My human watches and winces as I roll and throw myself around.  It was inevitable that I would do something to myself.  So sure enough- for the last two days I have been limping on my front leg.  It comes and goes – so I have been on restricted leash walking.
Then we have Lumpy.  Who goes under the knife on Friday.
And lastly we have the healthy Picard.  Who was fine.  Until yesterday…
Pig Pen’s human texted in the morning to see if anyone wanted to go for a walk/run.  My human didn’t want to take me – because of my limping and she knew if she took Einstein, I would scream bloody murder.  So she decided to take the wily coyote.  Who hasn’t seen Pig Pen or been off leash in weeks.
The FG saw Pig Pen and his brain exploded.  Completely.  It was all my human could do to hold  onto him.  They got to the golf course and she let him GO. He jumped. He raced.  He tugged on toys with Pig Pen.  He humped Pig Pen (a new, less-than-desirable behavior given that Pig Pen just stands there) until my human broke them up.  They were racing around on the frozen ground like two year olds in a playground after eating birthday cake.  And candy.  
And all was right with the world until my human looked at the FG’s leg and saw blood.  Oh.  And his other foot was bleeding too.  Seems he caught his dew claw on something and a toenail also was bleeding.  Great. Pig Pen’s human had a tissue which was quickly  spotted in blood.  She wondered if he should be carried home.  She even offered to carry his back end while my human would carry his front end, but my human knew that this idea would likely end up in a human injury.  So my human slowly walked the FG home- while he was still raring to pull and play with Pig Pen.
Because we always have an ample supply of vet wrap, she was able to bandage the FG’s leg.  The bleeding had slowed down – he thankfully didn’t completely tear off the dew claw.   Meanwhile, I went for my OWN walk with Pig Pen.  The FG’s toenail was fine, so after being sure that he wasn’t going to bleed to death, my human raced out with Einstein to meet up with me and  Pig Pen.  I had been the PERFECT walker.  I didn’t even care when my human and Einstein arrived.  Pig Pen’s human had liver treats.
So right now, our house is being dubbed the infirmary. One waiting for surgery.  One limping.  And one bandaged.  Oh and for some reason, the human is on head ache medication.  
Never a dull moment.
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 4

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