The vet

Einstein went to the vet yesterday.  It just so happened that they had an opening, so my human grabbed it. 

My human fluffed and puffed him before he went.  Mind you, he had been groomed the day before – but she always likes us to look our best when we go out.  Anywhere.  So she made him all coiffed and even put a barrette in his hair so you could see his eyes.  She thought he looked great but as they go to walk into the vet a couple is walking out – and the woman takes one look at Einstein and says “somebody must be going to be groomed.” ( There is a groomer at our vet’s office.).  My human just sighed and said “no, I’m afraid this is as good as it gets,” and she walked in the door.
She had Einstein sitting on the bench with her.  She doesn’t want us sniffing and licking the floor – who KNOWS who was there before us.  How do you spell paranoid?  I’m surprised we don’t wear hazmat suits.
Einstein was fine sitting on the bench and playing “watch me” games with my human.  He was being plied with treats for good behavior. People were in the waiting room and he was fine.  And then a zombie arrived – walking in with her female Golden.  Now I am SURE the Golden was friendly and if Einstein met her outdoors, he would be fine with her.  But the zombie woman marched in and let Goldie go wherever she wanted.   Einstein let out a low “I’m on this bench with my human and I currently own this waiting room growl,” and my human had to tell the zombie to move back from Cujo.  Then they asked zombie to weigh Goldie.  Well Goldie did NOT want to step on that scale.  Zombie cajoled and begged.  But Goldie was having nothing of it. My human was ready to go over and pick up the dog and put her one the scale.   I don’t think they ever DID get her weight.
Einstein was very good for the vet.  She poked and prodded his lump and took a sample to look at under the microscope.   My human felt like the vet was gone for an hour – but it was probably closer to 5 minutes.  The result?  She doesn’t know.  She said she is 92% certain it is nothing – like a little cyst. But given the 8% possibility it COULD be something else, she figured it best that it be removed.  So he is going under the knife on Friday.
In the meantime,  the FG and I were on guard duty.  The only problem is that without our ring leader, we are not very loud guards.  We were very happy to see Einstein and my human when they got home.  I forgot to mention he went to the PET STORE on the way home and got MORE treats.  
My human doesn’t want to rush the week – but she does want this thing removed.  But there is another hurdle first.  The regular drill is no food or water after midnight on the day of the surgery. But he isn’t scheduled for surgery until 1 PM.  Friday morning is going to be a nightmare. Imagine Einstein not being fed while the FG and I are gobbling down breakfast.  Well – I’m gobbling – the FG is staring at his.  Fun and games…
So keep Einstein in your thoughts – and send healing wishes (and maybe even a prayer) that this IS just a cyst.  We are thinking positively…
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days : 3

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