A Finnish Dog. And a lump…

Yesterday, the FG had another handling class.  I guess he still doesn’t know how to handle my human.

He wasn’t the biggest dog in the class – a lovely female Leonberger was there.  But after her came the FG and the next biggest dog was an Aussie puppy.  So he still stands out.
Yesterday there was a brand new puppy there – a Finnish Lapphund named Coco.  And was she ever cute.  And SO well behaved.  She is not even 4 months old and she strutted around the ring like she knew the drill.  She put her little feet in the right place, and waited patiently for her treats. The FG just stared at her in amazement.  And so did my human.
She’s probably the only Finnish Lapphund in these parts.  They are a sturdy, mid-sized Spitz-type breed.  And they were bred for hunting and for herding reindeer!  They apparently come in different colors.  Coco is a tri-color.  Like a Bernese Mountain dog – black, brown and white.  
Here’s a short video with some facts about Lappies:
It was so nice to meet her- until my human realized the little spitfire will be in the herding group.  More competition for the coyote.  Great.
We all had a good grooming yesterday.  Well – good in my human’s eyes – we would have been happy to skip the whole thing.   And everything was going great – until my human found a lump on Einstein.   I have a couple of cyst-like lumps that the vet has seen, but was not concerned about them.  But this one on Einstein looks a bit different.   So you KNOW my human spent all kinds of time surfing the net and reading about dog lumps.  She has herself suitably concerned.  If she looked at that lump once, she must have looked at it 50 times.  It is on his back.  She’ll be making a vet appointment for this week.  One of the vets we go to is apparently on a vacation that we paid for.  Just joking. Sort of.
No work for my human this week-  but rumor has it she is going back next week for a week.  So it means double time for walks THIS week. And the weather forecast is looking good – perfect mud conditions!  We can’t wait.
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
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