March 24.  And today is the birthday of Joseph Barbera.  Don’t recognize the name?  Joseph Barbera, and his colleague William Hanna are called, by some, the architects of Saturday morning TV cartoon shows. They were famous animators who for over 30 years, produced some of the most well known characters and series on television.  And of course, many of their characters were dogs!!!
So let’s do a little cartoon quiz – and see if you can remember some of their famous canine characters.
Here are the dogs:
A.  Scooby doo
B.  Astro
C.  Huckleberry Hound
D.  Chopper
E.   Augie Doggie
F.    Muttley
Now match them to their description:
1.  This multi-breed Dog was the partner of Dick Dastardly.  He had a characteristic snicker and wheezy laugh.
2.  The dog on the Jetsons!  One of his humans was named Elroy.
3.  A bulldog who protects Yakky Doodle from Fibber Fox.
4.  This Great Dane character had his own series.
5.  A sweet little hound-like dog who referred to his father as “dear old Dad..”
6.  This easy going blue dog speaks with a Southern accent.
Let’s see how you did – here are the answers: 
1.  F
2.  B
3.  D
4.  A
5.  E
6.  C
There were actually lots of other Hanna-Barbera dogs- we were quite surprised to see them all.  
Here’s a cute little video of another Hanna -Barbera Dog.  I can totally relate to his reaction about treats!
I think my human could write a cartoon strip about us.  Mind you, no one would believe our antics.  Some might THINK that we use artistic license in telling our bad dog tales.  Sorry.  They are all true. 
Well -I made it through the dreaded 24 hour period post-seizure without another one.  My human was very happy about that.  So in the words of another Hanna-Barbera character- YABBA DABBA DOO!!!
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 1

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