Drama king

My human doesn’t play favorites in our house.  One dog gets a biscuit, we ALL get a biscuit. But when one of us is feeling poorly, she does give that dog a bit more attention…which in the case of Einstein can be a bit much….

You need to keep in mind that when Einstein is brushed, he is QUITE dramatic.  He squeaks and squirms and acts like you are torturing him.  However, the INSTANT the brushing stops, he is FINE.  So imagine the drama king after he has had surgery.  How do you spell pitiful?
When he first came home from the vet, my human outfitted him in his rainwear.  So no one could lick at his incision.  He was not impressed with the fact that he had to wear this attire.  And the FG kept staring at him like he was some strange new dog.  He would approach him and jump back.   In addition, Einstein was in no mood for anyone evaluating his new fashion statement- and he warned the FG that he was in no mood.
Because my human is a bit neurotic (who am I kidding – she’s a LOT neurotic when it comes to us), she then started worrying that Einstein would get too warm. I suggested leaving him outside all night, but that didn’t go over well. She somehow managed to get him out of his rainwear – which had been no easy task to get ON because he was rather floppy.  Getting it off was not much easier.  She found an old tee shirt and put it on him.  She cut part of it so she could tie it on.  I thought he looked smashing.   He was again not impressed.
He slept well the first night – we all did after the “exciting” day.  Yesterday morning she took us out and everyone did their thing – except yours truly.  I wanted more attention.  Instead I got a smaller breakfast.  That plan backfired.
Einstein decided to milk this surgery thing and stared at my human while she was in the DFZ reading the paper.  So get this – she let him in!! This was just going too far.
He has to keep those stitches in for 2 weeks.  TWO WEEKS.  Oh and then he’ll be all dramatic about having them removed!  I think I need to do some rabbit chasing – just to work off some steam….
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 8

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