Seizure update

I’m almost afraid to write about this topic, for fear of jinxing myself.  But here goes…

If you have been following my seizure free count, you see that I have passed the one month mark.  We try not to get TOO excited, because well, we have been here before.  But it IS good news – and most likely a sign that the new medication is working.
And what about the CBD oil? As you may recall, due to changes in government regulations, we could no longer obtain the type we were using last year.  My human was able to obtain a different brand through a different company in Ontario. Why could they still sell CBD oil? Who knows.  It’s a mystery.  But my human stocked up- trying to buy reserves should they be shut down.  The cost for this supposedly controlled product was around $150 per month – just like the cost of the original product we had been using before.
As you may recall, we started the CBD oil initially because there was preliminary evidence that it helps control seizures.  And we DID see a decrease in my seizures last year when I began using it.  BUT, if we look back, I had also started a new medication with my vet too.  So.  Was it the new medication making the difference ?  Was it the CBD?  Was it the combination of the two?
Since we can no longer get the controlled CBD product, we tried several others.  The problem- how do you know that what is SAYS on the bottle is what is inside?  There are currently no controls for many of the products out there.  There SHOULD BE third party testing available – as there was with the original product we were taking.  These current products did not have that testing available. Should one use these products? And the next question- what IS the correct dosage – and the correct potency? So to answer these questions,  my human went to the source.
There is currently a research study underway at the University of Colorado.  They are doing specific research on the use of CBD oil in dogs with epilepsy.  So my human sent them our questions.  And they answered. 
The big answer.  They don’t know.  Their research is not complete and will not be for some time.  They did say that they were using a dosage that was three times stronger than my human had been giving me.  Which would therefore cost around $450 per month.  The researchers actually said that without solid evidence, and given the high cost and the lack of controls for many products , at THIS point, they would NOT recommend taking it.  They recommended trying every available Veterinary medication possible, and THEN, if seizures were still occurring, start using CBD as a last resort.
Well.  THAT was a shocker.  My human THOUGHT it was making a difference- but was it?  So we began reducing my CBD in half at the same time I started my new medication.  You can see the results.
We predict that the research WILL support the use of CBD in dogs with epilepsy.  And if we need to go that route – we absolutely will.  But for now, given the lack of solid evidence, and the problems obtaining a controlled product, it just does not seem to be the best decision to use it- especially coupled with my recent success with prescription meds.  
My human says we will do whatever it takes.  And for now, we will stay the current course.
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 34

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