Saint Pawtricks Day

It was inevitable.  As soon as we saw her walk in with the Dollar Store bag.  Too early for Easter. Right.  Saint Patrick’s Day.  Guess the “luck of the Irish” doesn’t apply if you are Polish or French.  Mind you, I bet there is some poor Wheaten Terrier, or Irish Setter or Irish wolfhound somewhere being dressed up in equally appealing attire.

As usual, she started with me and Einstein. We were actually in a fairly receptive mood.  Who am I kidding- she had good treats.  

She started off with green scarves with clovers.  Even putting those on is entertaining.  We keep trying to pull them off as she puts them on.  But on the rating scale of horrible attire, they were not too bad.  Once they were on.

Sometimes her choice of attire does REALLY not work out well.  Like these little hats.  I didn’t think they were too bad, but my human thought it looked like we were wearing green tin cans on our heads.  Money so well spent.  What was she thinking?!

Next she tried the headbands.  I must confess, we didn’t mind them too much.  The liver treats were excellent.

And then, she brought in the FG. My human can get great shots of him outdoors- when he doesn’t have to look at the camera.  But these photo shoots are NOT his thing.  He spits out the treats – and then of course yours truly and Einstein scramble to grab them.  

My human THOUGHT he might cooperate wearing just the scarf.  I mean that’s really pretty basic.  But getting him to smile and put his ears up is like trying to distract a PON while his bowl is being filled with food.  It just isn’t going to work.  She tries everything. She pulls out whistles and makes all kinds of noises.  She tosses stuffed toys.  She pretends to leave. She rolls on the floor.  The shot above and this one were the best she could get.  

And THEN, she put on the headbands. Well.  The FG does NOT appreciate headgear of any kind.  They were on for literally less than a minute.  My human was able to capture the following…

So that’s it for THAT holiday.  We know what comes next…. 

In the meantime, here’s an Irish blessing just for you:

May your troubles be less, 
Your blessings be more; 
And nothing but happiness (and dogs) come through your door.
OK.  I altered it a bit… 
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 35

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