My human had a message yesterday from a loyal blog reader.  She wanted to clarify about clicking info on my blog site – and whether we get pennies when someone goes to the blog site, or if you have to actually click on those ads you see on the sides of my blog.  Just to clarify – we don’t get any money when you click on the blog.  Just the satisfaction in knowing you have  read it!  The way we receive a payment is if you click on the actual ads.  Apparently you can’t always see them if you are reading my blog on your phone, but if you move the page around, you should be able to view the ads.  You don’t need to actually buy that cruise on the Rhine or that vacuum cleaner, but just by clicking that ad, we get a few pennies.  If you happen to get ads that are inappropriate- please let us know!  We have tried to filter them so they are NOT inappropriate- but one never knows with the internet!
This reader chatted with my human and as they commiserated with each other about “bad dog” stories,  she told my human a story which gave my human a great idea for a new money making scheme.  Insurance for pet owners.   No – not for pets- that already exists – but insurance for when your dog accidentally injures you! 
This reader has a young, active Weimaraner-who accidentally gave her an attractive black eye while he was sitting on her lap.  He moved his head back while she wasn’t prepared and BAM.  I am SURE many owners have been clocked by their dogs when they are in the wrong position at the wrong time.  And how many owners have had an injury when a dog goes to grab a toy that is being thrown, and actually catches a piece of his human’s hand?  Or a dog who is traveling at warp speed and zigs while the human zags and gets knocked over?
One time my human let us outside and she was standing by the front door with it partly closed and yours truly threw myself at the door- the corner of which met squarely with my human’s forehead.  She saw stars.
In all of these scenarios, we are not talking about vicious dogs or dogs who intend to inflict harm.  We are talking about the normal day to day accidents that happen.  Humans should be able to get insurance for that!  And heaven forbid we cause a hospitalization- the insurance could include coverage for dog care.  And the caregivers would be covered too!  Kind of like sports insurance. Who do I see about starting this up?!
Now obviously, there is nothing funny about injuries…but…well I did find a few videos that aren’t funny – but they are.  Hope they give you a chuckle – and no doubt many of you have your own war stories and the battle scars to prove it!  Please feel free to share them – misery loves company!!!! The joys of being owned by a dog…
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 26

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