Reward. For bad behavior.

In the past few weeks I have written about how well the FG has been behaving.  He went to stores. And he behaved. He went to the dog show and he behaved. It was starting to look like the FG was maturing.  Wrongo.   The wild immature gazelle-like DEAF rocket dog still lives.

Yesterday morning, after the wild rainy weather the day before, the temperature had dropped and we were greeted by sub-freezing Arctic temperatures combined with high winds.  Add to that a nice coating of crusty ice.
The FG went out first for his morning constitutional, but they didn’t go far before my human turned back to go home. It was brutally cold.  He was not impressed despite the fact that he was limping from the cold.  She brought the cranky Picard in the house and now it was PON time.  She decided to just take us in the woods behind the house.   Einstein quickly made his deposit, but yours truly decided that I wasn’t ready to go back so quickly.  We walked along, with my human begging “hurry up Viktor.  Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaase hurry up.”   No question – I needed to go, but sometimes I just like to hold out for a longer walk.  Meanwhile, Einstein was heading back to the house.  He was too cold.  My human went to put him in the house, and told me to wait outside – because she would take me up to the road.  She went to get my pills before we went.  Only problem – she left the front door open just a crack.  A crack wide enough to fit a Picard.  Imagine her horror when she looked at the door and saw him standing outside.  She slowly approached him.  And it was at that second that the deaf rocket dog realized he was FREE – and he was going to go for a much needed run – away from home.  He sprinted up the icy driveway and my human knew that she had a major problem.
She fired me in the house and ran into the garage. She jumped in the car, and immediately called Jackson’s human.  Luckily, one of his humans was home and available, so she said she would throw on her coat and head out with Jackson.  Meanwhile, my human had just driven up to the road.  She parked the car in front of a neighbor’s driveway and was about to walk down to their house when she spotted the runaway – racing along the road ahead of her.  She drove toward him and slowed down as she approached.  Of course Mr Sociable came over to see who was in the vehicle.  She opened the window and in her cheery voice that hides the “I could scream right now” voice -she got out of the vehicle.  And grabbed him by his collar.  Busted.  She put him in the vehicle – her heart still pounding.   She called Jackson’s human and said that the escapee had been captured.  She explained that his escape was probably because he just hasn’t had enough exercise with the weather – and Jackson’s human commiserated that Jackson was the same – and he had even put on a few lbs.   My human said she should probably take the FG to the ball field – despite the sub freezing temps.  Jackson’s human asked if they could join them – and my human happily agreed.  So she picked them up and off they went to the field.  
So the dogs ran around while the humans fetched toys and shivered in the brutal icy wind.  After about a half hour, the humans had had enough so everyone was loaded back in the vehicle to go home.  My human thanked Jackson’s human for coming to their rescue.  Jackson’s human didn’t mind – thank goodness for good neighbors!
So, in essence, the FG was rewarded for bad behavior.  Go figure.  But truthfully, he was just answering the call of the wild.  He HAD to run. 
My human will sure be glad when this winter is over so we can get back into our regular walking routine.  We ALL need it.
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 17

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