Dog Show!!!!

Well, well, well.  She certainly kept this one a secret.  But the cat’s out of the bag.  Make that dog.  Who knew that this weekend is the Halifax Kennel Club Dog Show….

It seems that this retirement mode has really made my human rather hmmmmm… dozy.  She already doesn’t know what day of the week it is, let alone the date.  If it weren’t for helping with my blog, she would still think it is January.  No wonder she frequently makes errors with my seizure count.
So because she is living in the newfound retirement fog, she missed the closing date to enter the FG in the beauty pageant.  By the time she realized, the shows were closed.  Well.  Two of them were.  (There are four shows this weekend).  She COULD have entered the other two – but it would have meant driving her entry over 30km to the secretary’s house before 10:00PM ( when she realized her dilemma after 7:30 that evening).  She was all comfy in our toasty house, and she was too lazy to face the elements.  So no entry.
But not to worry – we can still participate in Meet the Breed.  That’s where you sit on a grooming table, you’re fed copious amounts of treats and you get to meet your adoring public.  It’s a good gig.  There are displays of all the breeds represented.  And my human added a new feature for us this year.  But I’ll wait to tell you about it- because she’s not finished.  She clearly has too much time on her hands.
So now the Great debate.  Me.  Or Einstein.  And of course the FG has his own time slot.  Whoever it is between us PONs will require some grooming- because it is tonight.  The FG goes Sunday.  We’ll see who wins the coin toss…oh the anticipation…
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 12

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