Poop bags. The sequel.

One of the big challenges faced by humans these days (and really ALL of us) is what to do with plastic bags.  They don’t break down in landfill sites and can last a long long time.  Many cities are actually banning them.  They are talking about doing it in our area- and most stores that still give them out here charge a few pennies to buy them.  Which brings me to my favorite topic…poop.  If plastic bags are banned, what is one to do with dog poop?  

We know the drama in this household when our local Dollar Store discontinued handled poop bags for a while.  We resorted to stockpiling what we could find and friends even gave us bags.  Bags even arrived in the mail.  The problem with many poop bags – they are not biodegradable.  So we add to the plastic bag dilemma.  And did you know that not all bags labeled as biodegradable are really that?  For something to be called biodegradable, it should break down in a year.  In the US in 2015, 20 poop bag manufacturers were warned that their bags were not really biodegradable.  To truly break down, they need to be made of maize flour and vegetable oil.  And these bags do exist – but of course, they are very pricey.

Composting poop or using the methane from poop has been done (to power lights in dog parks).  Those are great ideas – but they still don’t really solve the poop transportation problem when you are out on a walk.  Sure you can use a scooper at home – but who wants to carry a scooper on a walk around the neighborhood.  My human burst out loud laughing when she read that a zero-waste Facebook group suggested using junk mail, leaves or toilet paper to transport the deposit to a toilet.  CLEARLY the people in that group do NOT own dogs. All my human could visualize was her friend who has a Saint Bernard.  Take a walk carrying THAT poop in toilet paper.  The image seems like something out of a comedy skit. 
Given that this blog has an audience around the world, I would be curious to know what people are doing elsewhere. Can you use plastic poop bags ?   If not, are you using leaves?  Sorry but this image is really pretty funny too. Biodegradable is truly the answer – but there must be a way to make them more affordable.  We canines need to start a global movement.  For cheaper access to biodegradable bags.   To help save our planet.  A movement about movement.  Sorry.  I couldn’t resist. Perhaps that could be my election platform….
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
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