February 20. And on this day in 1872, the Metropolitan Museum of Art opened in New York City.  So I decided to go and visit the museum.  On-line.  And just for fun, I did a search for the word “dog.”  And I got 2459 results.  All kinds of works of art that have something to do with dogs.  Or at least have the word dog in the title.

There are dogs from hundred and hundreds and hundreds of years ago.   Dogs made of everything from elephant ivory to terra-cotta to bronze to gold to jade to bone and to fine porcelain. Dogs depicted in sketches, photos, water colors, oils and tapestries.  Dog collars.  Dog beds.  If you do a search yourself, you will be amazed at the variety of works related to dogs.  There are even some dog mummies.  Really. 
I was going to send you on a scavenger hunt…but there are so many options, I thought it would be crazy.  Instead, let me share a few of my favorite works.  When you go to the main page, 
click the search and then type in the Accession number.  These are some of my faves:
1972.9. I love these two!  I think it really depicts the love between the boy and his dog.
1977.44. OK. I know it’s supposed to be a Maltese, but it’s the closest thing to a PON I could find.  Which leads me to the next one – and a mystery solved…
2014.568.    The Maltese was also called a Shock dog.  So the mystery….My human has a print from 1793 with various dog breeds.  And she always wondered about this guy – labeled as a Shock dog.

So now she knows the answer.  Mind you, she still thinks all of us could also be called Shock dogs.  For obvious reasons…
93.6.2. My human thinks we should have got her this for Valentine’s Day.  Maybe next year.
07.122 I like this because what’s not to like about a Renoir?
OK.  And now leaving our favorites- let’s take a look at some others…with my personal commentary…
1974.356.416. My title?  Serious bed head. Or Grooming gone bad.
62.635.493. Walking Elroy.  (OK – he IS getting better. But still…moments like these DO still exist).
2012.136.440. Early obedience class.
68.750. Happy Henrietta and Happy Harry.  Who ate too much spicy food.
57.559.36. Proof the Dollar Stores existed in the 18th century.
29.100.104. This has memories of an old Far Side cartoon.  Of a missing dog…Google it…
So that’s your tour for today.  If you have loads of time, you can scroll through all 2000+ works.  I think I did about 874.   But I never did find a PON or Picard….let me know if you do!
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
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