Valentine’s Day!

What happens when you are having a special weather day, you have all been groomed, and it is the day before Valentines Day?  You guessed it.  Photo shoot.  

Now while you get to see the best results,  you have no idea what it is like to get a good group shot.  NO idea.  It is like trying to get a group of toddlers who just ate chocolate cake to stay still.  Or it’s like herding goldfish in a swimming pool.  Or catching falling leaves during a hurricane.  You get the picture.  And while we didn’t video the process, here’s a snippet of the dialogue.  Or is it monologue since we don’t do a lot of talking.  Then again, Einstein does…
“OK.  We are going to take some photos.  And we will behave civilly.  First, Frodo you come in the garage.  OK Viktor since you just burst through the door, you come too.  Now, sit on this cloth.  Viktor sit.  Viktor sit.  Viktor sit.  Now, let’s put on these hearts.  Viktor stop chewing Frodo’s heart.   Viktor sit. OK. Frodo sit.   Now  Frodo you know how to sit.  Let’s get a shot of you two.  Viktor stop sniffing.  Look up.  Viktor look up.  Sit.  Staaaaaaaaaay.    Staaaaay.  OK.  Treats.  One for Frodo and one for Viktor.  Now sit and STAY while I get Elroy…

Hey.  I told you both to stay.  Elroy sit here.  Viktor.  Viktor.  Viktor, come here.  Sit.  Frodo sit here.  Frodo move closer.  Elroy sit.  OK everybody….staaaaaaaaaay.  OK smile.  Really.  Smile.  Frodo speak. (After Frodo speaks he always smiles.  And Frodo LOVES to speak.  Any other time.). Frodo speak.  Frodo speak.  Good!   Viktor look up.  Sqeeeeeeeee.  (And other assorted sounds all of which we have heard before.) Viktor sit.  Excellent. I think we got 73.  Here’s a treat.  Frodo. Viktor.  Elroy.  Now sit again.  Elroy get up.  Viktor sit.  Frodo speak.  Speak!  (She throw s a treat in the air. ) OK…….loooking goooooooood.   Got another 48 shots.  Free.  Here’s a treat. 
Hmmmmmmm.  These aren’t very good……Let’s try ONE more time.  
(Now she resorts to physically picking us up and placing us in position. Elroy sit.  Viktor sit.  Frodo come here.  Frodo (who has gone to search for the treat).  Frodo – you ripped your heart off.  Awwwwwww.  Seriously?   Here.  Put on this sign.  OK we can’t see the word Happy, but who cares.  Viktor sit.  Good sit Elroy.   Try not to look like you are being tortured.  Frodo sit.   Staaaaay……..Bumf, bumf, bumf (She’ll try any sound).  Nice!  Treats.  Frodo.   Viktor.  Elroy.  OK. Lets’s try one lying down.  Down. Everybody down.  Good down Elroy.  Sorry Frodo – you can’t go down with the sign on.  Oops.  Viktor down.  Viktor down.  Frodo down.  Elroy good down.  Viktor down.  Forget it.  We’ll go with the sitting shots.  Treats all around.  And a drink for me!”
Yup.  That’s a typical group shot.  Doesn’t it sound like great fun?  We get treats for pretty much sitting there.  When we actually sit.
So I know I’m plagiarizing parts of my own stuff, but sometimes I can do that.  So here’s our annual poem:

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

We three dogs are so happy

That we picked you.

You groom us and feed us,

And take us on walks,

One of us eats dryer lint,

The other one talks.

You walk us in the morning,

You walk us at night,

When it happens to be raining

We may put up a fight.

If we are sick 

You take us to the Vet,

You buy me my medicine 

Some that’s difficult to get.

Having three dogs 

May not be economical

But our antics entertain you

We REALLY are comical.

We may be unruly

And sometimes just plain BAD,

But we really DO love you,

And hate if you’re sad.

We wait by the door

From the moment you leave,

And when we hear your car

A HUGE sigh we heave.

And when you return

No matter how long,

We break out in tail wags

And bark out our song.

We’re so happy to see you

When you come in the door, 

Although happiness fades 

When bags read: Dollar store.

We wear antlers and bunny ears

With all of our pride,

If you run out of treats, 

That’s when we hide.

You help with my blog, 

Every single day

Would you ever believe 

A dog had so much to say?

Oh human, OUR human

You’re our Valentine sweet.

We love you and adore you.

Now give us a treat.

Sloppy kisses and lots of love!
Frodo, Viktor and Elroy

Have a good one! Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 4

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