It’s February 7 and according to the crazy calendar, it’s Ballet Day.  A day to celebrate that elegant, classical, graceful style of dance.

Nobody in this household is THAT graceful.  Certainly not my human – who with the recent icy walking conditions looks more like Frankenstein as she plods along with us.  She’s about as far removed from a graceful ballerina as I am from being an obedience champion. 
Now when I searched for dogs and ballet, I came up with an assortment of photos and even a few videos of dogs dressed in tutus.  Thank GOODNESS they don’t sell them at the Dollar Store.  That would be a totally justifiable reason for running away.  At least until mealtime.
I searched and found the odd poodle prancing around on their hind legs dressed in appropriate attire.  Entertaining maybe. If you enjoy watching tortured dogs.
But THEN, I found THIS video.  We have talked before about the sport of canine freestyle – which is basically a human and dog, dancing together.  They always have a freestyle exhibit at Crufts- and some of the routines are amazing.  I believe I posted one last year.  
Many freestyle routines are set to fairly upbeat music.  But with  this video we have what I think is a great example of dog ballet.  Check it out – it is lovely!
I’m amazed at how the dog knew what to do without even watching her human!!! They were sometimes facing the opposite direction.  I don’t know what to do even when I can SEE my human.  Well – I do if I can see a treat.   
So that’s my cultured posting for today.  Tomorrow we’ll probably be talking about poop.  I like to mix things up.
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 5

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