The new human toy

Heaven help us.  She has a new toy…

A parcel arrived yesterday afternoon.  It was a retirement gift for my human from her good friend Janet.  And I used to like Janet.  JUST KIDDING.  I still do.  But the gift is for taking photos.  So you know what THAT means…
The gift is a Lensball.  And it is NOT the kind of ball we dogs can play with.  It’s made of glass.  And it’s quite heavy.  What you do is take photos through the ball.  So you get these cool images- depending how you position the ball.  
So you know my human had to try it out last night.  We couldn’t try it outdoors yesterday- because it was raining.  Indoor shots are tricky with the lights, but yours truly was the first willing subject.  Well- I HAD to try first or I would have been crying in the other room.  Screaming actually.  So we went into the garage aka grooming torture palace aka photo studio to try it out.  My human kept giving me treats as she attempted to figure it out.  She has not quite mastered the technique-but she is getting the idea. Here are a few shots -two of me and one of Einstein.  She didn’t attempt the FG.  Yet.

If you Google Lensball you can see all kinds of photos. Some of the landscape shots are pretty cool. 

I actually didn’t mind taking these shots.  These and the 543 you didn’t get to see.  They required no Dollar Store attire- and the treats were good.  It’s all about those treats those treats those treats…
So thanks Janet.  I actually had a ball…
Have a good one. Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 4

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