Back to the drawing board.  While my human’s first day of retirement started out GREAT – she went out for breakfast with Joanie, who was in town- and they had a great time, it quickly went downhill from there…

It began with a kitchen disaster.  She decided to try making some Baileys Irish Cream – something for humans but clearly not for us dogs as it contains alcohol.   And chocolate.  She was making the recipe to celebrate her retirement. The recipe calls for some heavy cream, sweetened condensed milk, chocolate syrup, whiskey, vanilla and instant coffee.  You put it in a blender and mix it up.  We watched as she created the concoction.  But here’s a hint.  Never leave a spoon, by accident in the blender and turn it on high.  There was a clunk and the side of the blender cracked and suddenly the sticky potion began pouring out everywhere.  Her first thought was to get us OUT of the kitchen – for fear we would start lapping up the chocolaty substance now pouring onto the floor. She rounded us up and put us in the front hall, while she went to clean the disaster.  And it WAS a disaster.  A sticky disaster.  On the wall, the counter, the cupboard, the floor….A total mess.
She was almost through when she heard a telltale bang and Einstein immediately began barking.  Yup.  I had a seizure.  She rushed in, but couldn’t let anyone into the kitchen as she KNEW we would continue the clean up.  That was all she needed – dogs devouring chocolate and alcohol.  She somehow managed to whisk Einstein and the FG onto the deck, while she took yours truly outside.  She then fed me because after a seizure I am 100x more hungry than I normally am.  Picture that.  While I was literally inhaling my food, she was rushing to finish the clean up.  
We are obviously disappointed with another seizure.  And there is really no explanation why.  I am getting my meds, eating the same food, and following my regular routine (although the CBD oil I am currently taking IS from a different supplier).   I think we need to increase this dosage.  It is so frustrating and disappointing. 
I almost hate to write about it – because really- who wants to read bad news?  But we share everything – so there you have it.  Please send good thoughts .  Oh – and thanks for clicking – you paid for my CBD oil for last month!
On to other news…
Today the groundhog will give us his forecast and will tell us if we will have an early spring or 6 more weeks of winter.  Given that he is not held accountable for his forecast, he can decide whatever he wants. If goes back in his house because he sees his shadow – it means more winter.  No shadow means early spring.  Honestly, he is probably just as accurate as the weather guys.  My human laughs at long range forecasts – given that their accuracy for the short term is probably 50-50.   Want a reliable forecast? PONs aren’t going out – it’s raining. Human won’t go out?  It’s icy. The FG is not a reliable forecaster- he’ll go out in anything.
If you believe in rodent forecasts, I wish you a cloudy day.   Otherwise I wish you sunshine!! But don’t put away those boots.  Just in case…
Have a good one. Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 0

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