The carpet…

Well we are having a “special” day today.  Really special.  You know what that means.  Snow.  Several inches.  Followed by high winds and torrential rain.  And THEN the temperature will plummet. So we get a luge run driveway and a skating rink lawn.  I’m moving to Florida.

So let’s talk about a topic that isn’t new – but one I neglected (or chose not) to highlight.  If you took my trivia quiz the other day, you probably noted that I mentioned the dining room area carpet…
My human has been quite diligent about keeping the corners of the carpet covered with chairs.  Chairs that are placed on their sides.  My human’s sister said that whenever she comes in, it looks like there has been a brawl.  Or a tornado – that touched down around the perimeter of the dining room table.
My human has been diligent.  Very diligent.  But all it took was ONE day when she was in a rush (it may have been the day that Einstein did his walk about down the road) – and she forgot to assemble the chairs in wall formation.  And guess who seized the opportunity to do some creative rug work.  Yup.  Another corner has been nibbled.  
The handiwork or should I say the teethiwork was not as complete as the previous corner.  But it HAS begun.  My human will have to get out her needle and thread again.  But for now, there is an upside down stool, with the seat covering the chewed carpet. All the time.  
My human will NOT be going anywhere on this “special” day – so there is an upside to this weather.  Time to get the bunny out.  But don’t bother with the cup game – it’s too boring -we would rather watch paint dry.  Or carpets being sewn….
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 4

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