Important research

My human saw a meme on Facebook the other day and it made her chuckle.  It was as follows: 

Does anyone else tell their pets “I’ll be back soon” when you leave the house or is it just me?
I don’t know if they have done any studies on this ( I’m guessing SOMEONE got a big grant somewhere to answer this question), but I know it happens in our house.  All the time.
And there are different messages, depending on the day and the destination.  My human likes to tell us everything- because she thinks we want to be informed. Frankly, unless she is going to the pet store, we don’t REALLY care if she is going out to a friend’s place, or for dinner with her sister, or shopping or to work or to church… whatever. And her “I won’t be long” line is a bit of a stretch.  If you say that one human year  is like 7 dog years- well HER hour is NOT equivalent to OUR hour.
But we are used to the drill.  “See you later.  I won’t be long today.  Be good boys and watch the house.”  Bla bla bla.  We turn around and head for a comfy napping spot.
But don’t think we don’t actually associate those words with something.  And my human discovered a funny thing the other day.  She was trying to get another photo of us. As if she doesn’t have plenty.  She was trying to get all of us looking at her.  She was making all of her weird repertoire of sounds.  Was throwing her mittens in the air.  Was whistling and calling our names.  Nothing was working.  And then she said it “See you later. I won’t be long.”  And ALL    of us immediately stared at her.  Magic words.  Photo captured.
It has worked for several other shots, but we have now clearly caught on.  So like the weird sounds and the whistling, we are on to her.  We’re making her work harder.  
She came back from the dreaded Dollar Store on Friday.  Antlers are over…hopefully she didn’t find head bands with Valentine hearts.  And then we have the rabbit ears after that.  She had better come up with some REALLY interesting lines to get our attention for those shots…
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 36
If you do use those kinds of lines when you leave the house, take your dog outside and say them.  See if you do get their attention.  And let us know!!! We have no funding for this study, so you will not be paid for your participation,  but the benefit is that you will be contributing to important research on canine photography tips.   Let us know!!!!

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