Hats off to us!

According to the crazy calendar, today is National Hat Day. 
And guess what my human got the other day in the mail? No.  Not a hat.  But a Christmas present.  To herself.  A big 5×7 backdrop for taking photos. It came in a small flat circle and then it springs open to be the big backdrop.  Getting it to go BACK into the flat circle was VERY entertaining to watch. VERY VERY entertaining.
Anyway if you combine a new photo backdrop AND National Hat Day – WHAT do you assume you get?  I’m SURE I don’t need to tell you.
She started with the easy model. Who was QUITE cooperative, but whose head did not really work with the  selected chapeaux !  Here are his best results.

Then we had moi. And surprisingly- I discovered I am a hat guy.  I look adorable, if I do say so myself!

And then we had the FG.  We KNOW, he is not really fond of  any kind of attire- even though he gets to PLAY tug between each and every shot!!!!  I think his are the most entertaining…

We had a great day yesterday.  My human was off so we had several long walks, we had marrow bones as a treat (for 20 minutes and then they were confiscated so no one gets soupy poops) and we had the photo shoots – which some of us enjoyed more than others.  Just think- we’ll do this ALL THE TIME very soon!!!  We can’t wait!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 37

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