According to the crazy calendar, today is “Stick to your New Years Resolution” day AND it is also “Work harder” day.  They go together.  

So let’s look at our resolutions.  I think we resolved that we would help my human get more exercise, but so far we  have failed miserably.  Why?  Because of special weather!  You see, we have had several special weather days – where we get snow -just  a couple of inches- followed  by rain.  And then the temperatures go down and we get an instant skating rink on our lawn and on our driveway. Every morning is a new adventure in determining our poop route.  Will we TRY to go up the driveway to the road?  Or will we TRY to walk around our own property?  For the past week or two we have never made it up the driveway to the road.  It was just too treacherous.  But FINALLY we were able to walk on the road yesterday.  We were thrilled. And so was my human – she clearly needs the exercise because all those Christmas cookies and candies have not done her any favors. But they WERE good.
So we get up to the road.  It’s dark (because we are still talking  pre-daylight).  And we are so happy to be going for a REAL walk.  We walk along and do our thing.  And as we head for home – my human spots “the light.”  Which can only mean one thing. Max and his human are coming.  Because just like my human – they wear a headlamp for walking in the dark. 
Remember, we HAVE met Max.  And we thought he was OK.  But at 6:15 AM, in the dark, we are not so sure.   My human sees them coming – Max and his human.  She immediately says to Einstein “LEAVE IT.”  Which means “don’t start barking and snarling like a rabid dog and pulling on the leash to drag me across the road.”   She didn’t warn yours truly, as I really don’t care about other dogs.  Usually.
My human shoves some treats in Einstein’s face – which surprisingly he is not OVERLY interested in.  Nope.  He is MUCH more interested in the light that is approaching and in Max.
As they approach on the other side of the road – she shouts out a “Good morning” in a happy sounding voice so Einstein will stay calm.   Max’s human shouts out a hello – at which point Einstein decides HE needs to say hello.  His tone is NOT so cheerful.  And in a sudden sense of brotherhood, yours truly decides to join in.  AND we both decide we should be close to Max to say hello. So now my human has two TASMANIAN PONs on the end of leashes.  She struggles to hold onto us AND the FULL poop bags she is carrying. They are swinging and swaying as the PONdemonium occurs.  Not a graceful sight.  Good thing it is dark out. 
She drags us along and within probably 150 yards we stop barking. She breathes a sigh of relief and she mumbles all the way down the driveway about our  “exuberant” behavior.  And she says a few words not publishable here.
We, on the other hand have a different perspective. Mission accomplished.  We walked.  She walked.   AND she got some upper body exercise holding onto those pulling leashes.  Score. 
Sometimes it is hard to be a coach for humans.  They need SO MUCH work.  But not to worry.  We vow that she won’t be wearing those ugly “comfy” sweat pants by this summer.  We can’t WAIT until she retires….
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 34

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