Just when you think the battles about dog food couldn’t get any more interesting (like the whole issue of kibble vs raw), we have a NEW player on the field.  Bugs.  Yup.  Bugs.  Bugs for us dogs to eat.  You know how you typically try to rid us of bugs, like fleas and ticks – well now you can FEED us bugs.  A company in the UK is now making a dog food from insects.  The insects used are the larve from  black soldier flies – and they are mixed with oats, potatoes and natural botanicals.  Here is their website:


The consumption of insects by humans is not something new.  In Cambodia you can munch on fried tarantulas and in Thailand you can have deep fried crickets.   One statistic I found said that there are over 1000 types of insects that are edible to humans.  Eating insects is seen as a way to tackle world hunger – and even the UN is looking at this concept.

Now.  What do I think about eating bugs?  Well – you are talking to a guy who eats dryer lint and chews pillowcases like gum.  Would it BOTHER me to eat bugs?  Nah.  I’m a PON after all.  Now the FG….THAT could take more convincing.  He would probably need to thoroughly examine every kibble – which really don’t look anything like bugs.  Just sayin’.  I see on the company website that they do not YET have a moist variety.  Now THAT could look more gross.  But the food is supposed to be a good source of protein, fats and amino acids and is supposed to be easy to digest.  Easier for US to digest than maybe the IDEA for some humans.

Interesting concept…chew on the idea and let me know what you think. (I couldn’t resist…sorry – hope that didn’t bug you…). 

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!  It’s Friday!!!!
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