Ice roll

Well we are getting tired of this icy weather.  Our walks have been VERY short lately.  My human even wears her boots with the spikes and carries a walking stick.  But really, none of those are enough ammunition when a Picard wants to RUN on the ice.  Oh my – good thing our neighbors aren’t THAT close.  Although I suspect they heard the shouting.

At the same time, you have the walk and roll PON.  Einstein hits the ground and ROLLS.  On purpose. And this is basically on a very icy surface – it’s not fluffy snow.  When my human first spotted him in the dark the other morning as we were coming in from our walk – she did a double take.  I was with her ON leash (no chance I can take off in the morning) – but for ONE split second- she thought it was me having a seizure.  She was thrilled to realize it wasn’t ME (besides I was ON a leash!) – and it was just Einstein going crazy.   Feet were flying and he was a-rolling.   And yesterday I joined in – getting my legs all tangled in the leash.  It was quite the sight watching her try to balance, hold onto her walking stick, and untangle a rolling PON.  Who went right back at it as soon as I was untangled.

We haven’t heard any coyotes for a few weeks – but we know they are out there.  And speaking of which – my human came across THIS story.  I looked to see if I talked about this before – and I MAY have – but even so – it is worth repeating.  Check out this attire:

Can you SEE us PONs and the FG in these outfits? Thankfully at $100, she can’t find them at the Dollar Store.  Imagine trying to roll in THOSE.

It’s Friday!   Let the weekend begin!!!!
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!

Seizure free days:   26

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