December 19 and it’s National Hard Candy Day.  So it suddenly struck me…there are ALL kinds of treats out there for us canines – including dog ice cream, beer biscuits and liver cakes and pupcakes.  BUT – I have never seen any dog hard candies.  And as you might expect, we should NOT eat human hard candies.  They are too sweet for us (so could cause gastric problems), they can break our teeth, and we could choke on them if we swallowed them.  As we know, that would be real problem for us PONs who basically inhale our food.  I did find this recipe for dog candy canes though.  They aren’t REAL candy canes – but we can pretend.  Sure we can. As if we dogs care that they look like candy canes.  If they are edible, we don’t take enough time to even look at them.

Still, it would be NICE if somebody around here baked us SOMETHING.  And it’s not going to be me – the oven mitts don’t stay on my paws.  Besides, I have another relationship with oven mitts.  They make a great snack.  Right up there with coat pockets.  Oh.  And slippers.  But THIS time, it was the FG – not me.  And he even did it while my human was doing some work.  He was at her feet, and just kept taking tiny nibbles.

My human worked from home yesterday because we had a really snowy day.  Guess my snow tire theory didn’t work for long.  It was nice to have her home, but today she goes in to work.  Pretty soon though, she’ll be staying with us all the time.  And we can’t WAIT!!!

Have a good one!  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 10

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