Oh no. New attire.

So we have all seen the photos of the dreaded spandex and gortex suits that we have to ward off winter snowballs.  For those who live in snowy climates, you know that snow condition where the snow just forms GIANT balls on your  legs – and you can’t walk.   Well we have suits for those occasions.  As seen in the old photo above.  Those are different from the dreaded raincoats. 

And NOW – they have come out with another solution – dog leggings.  I guess they have been around for awhile – but this type has rubber boots attached.  Oh joy.  Oh happiness.  Check out the website:


They try to use a cute name – like it will make us dogs like them.  I guess in theory, they do make sense.  Boots often tend to fall off.  And putting on the full armor suit, like ours can be a bit like trying to hold an eel and put it in a nylon stocking.  So this ONLY involves putting in legs.  And the boots can’t fall off…    So it IS a clever idea.  I had better watch – I am starting to sound like I like them – and I don’t want Santa to get any strange ideas.  They are NOT on my list.  I repeat – clothing of ANY kind is NOT on my list.

Oh -I completely forgot to tell you our news the other day… we made our goal.  We actully made $100 on our blog ads.   Thanks to all those who take a minute to click on them!!!  Well, we don’t actually have the cash in hand yet – but it is supposedly coming.  I just hope my human doesn’t think that it could be used to buy walkeepaws.   Noeeeway.   Noeeway.

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 3

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