Full moon. Not.

It’s Friday and my human has the day OFF!!!!!!!  And for anybody living in our area, I am happy to report that we will no longer be having any snowy weather.  Because she is FINALLY getting the snow tires put on Ludwig today.  That’s why she is off.  MOST people put their tires on in like November.  Not my human.  She likes to live on the edge.  Like on the edge of the road if she wasn’t careful.  We have had a few snowy days – and one day last week she came home shaking and looking green.  She almost slid off the road.  That would have been awful.  Supper would have been late.

We have been busy guarding the house – and greeting the many delivery guys that have been coming by in the past week or two.  My on-line orders have been coming in.  Just kidding – she still hasn’t given me her credit card number.  Can you seriously imagine IF I had a card and could use the net?  

According to the crazy calendar, today is Free Shipping Day.  I don’t think EVERYBODY is doing free shipping today – so don’t quote me – quote the crazy calendar.  Sometimes my human threatens to ship ME somewhere.  Like the other night.  You would have SWORN it was a full moon…

She took us out for our last pee of the night and I did my thing.  I came in and jussssssssssssssst as she got all comfy cozy in bed, I started squeaking.  She tried to ignore me.  Nope.  I kept at it.  She mumbled as she pulled a fleece jacket over her pajamas and put on some boots.  She marched me outside in sub freezing temperatures and I went and had another TINY pee.  So she told me to “hurry up.” She figured I needed to poop too.  I ran around her.  And ran around her again and again.  And then I just started munching on snow. She was NOT impressed.  She marched me back in.  I went to the counter for a treat.  She looked at me and said “you have GOT to be kidding.  No way Jose.”  She went back to bed.  I slowly walked into the bedroom, and jumped on her bed.  Then I proceeded to lick myself.  Which is probably one of the most disgusting dog habits – after eating poop or puke.   She told me to stop.  I waited.  And started again.  She turned on the light, looked at me and said “seriously, knock it off!”  She turned out the light.  At this point, Einstein decided to join in the fun and started licking too.  Well.  The lights flew on, she grabbed her pillows, instructed us to get off the bed, she marched us out of the bedroom and she went to sleep on the sofa in the DFZ.   We were shocked. 

And no, there was nothing wrong with me.  No this was not seizure related.  This was because she wanted to go to bed EARLY.  We don’t do early in this house. Early in the morning, yes. But not at night. I just wasn’t ready for bed.
Anyway, she didn’t ship me off anywhere.  But I clearly had better behave because Christmas will soon be here.  If I don’t behave, all Santa will bring me will be clothing.  And we KNOW how I feel about attire….
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 5

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