December 11.  And according to the crazy calendar, it is National App Day.  So I decided to check out dog apps – and try some out.  We just tried free apps.

The first one we tried was Bring Fido. It’s an app that shows dog friendly locations- which is great if traveling.  Once you download it, you register with an email and password.  And then we entered Halifax, NS as our destination to see what it would say. It listed a number of hotels and some places (like parks and stores) that are dog friendly.  I think there may be more places locally, but it definitely was a good listing.  I liked this site!! 
Another app is iKibble Free.  It basically is a listing of foods from Abalone to Zucchini and it tells you if it safe for your dog. It’s simple, but a decent reference. Who knew we could eat brambleberries in moderation?
Now my human thought BarkCam sounded great.  It’s a photo program.  BUT- it has dog sounds, toy sounds and whistle sounds to get your dog’s attention when you go to take a photo.  My human was so excited about this one.  The holy grail of dog photography.  The following are the photo responses to a variety of sounds…

 Clearly the FG caught on to the sounds and didn’t care. The free site has lots of ads. And every photo ends up with a plug for the app at the bottom of the photo.  Mind you, as you can see…you can crop that off.  It might be a good app the first few times it is used- but we dogs are pretty smart… we catch on to the sounds.
There is an app called MapMyDogWalk.  It shows you how far you walked with your dog.   Many phones already have a free fitness app that can show you this – so I’m not certain this would provide much more info.  Unless it records where the poop stops were.
There is supposed to be an app called iClicker – the Dog Training App. It’s for all those humans who lose their clickers.  Like my human.  She doesn’t know- we hide them.  We couldn’t try this app because it needs to be updated to work with our software.  I think my human should just look for one of the dozen clickers we have hidden around the house. 
So those are some quick reviews.  There are LOADS of apps out there – many that you can buy too. If we find any really awesome freebies, I’ll let you know.
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 2

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