She has a name….

Her name is Indi!!! Yup – my niece will hereby go forward as Indi – one of the names I suggested!!! Short for Individual.  And she is living up to her moniker.

She continues to grow every day and remains VERY vocal about life. And get ready- here she is…….

And here she is with her Mom……

She has a black dot on her head.  That’s her crown.  Because she is a princess.  Princess Indi.    Has a nice ring….

As for us – No antler photos. Yet.   My human was decorating yesterday so we had a reprieve.  And for a change, I am happy to hear that there is rain in the forecast today.  No photo shoot.  At least not outdoors. 
Today is National Mutt Day.  I was going to make a comment that it could also be called Doodle Day.   Because they are the same.  But I won’t say that because I’m trying to be good before Christmas.  Besides- we all KNOW that I have nothing against multi-breed dogs that one sees at a shelter- they deserve homes like any dog does!! Just don’t pay big money for a fancy sounding non breed aka “designer dog.”  If you want a multi-breed dog – go to a shelter- but certainly don’t go to a “breeder” and pay thousands for one.  Just sayin.
OK. I’m off my soapbox again.  Time to get my human moving to make up for her slug behavior last weekend.  What would she do without us looking after her?!
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 7

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