Dollar stores, museums and countdowns

Before my human became ill last weekend, she went shopping.  To the dreaded Dollar Store.  And of course you KNOW what that means at this time of the year.  Antlers. I’m not talking about the kind you chew on.  No.  I’m talking the kind you wear.  I can’t actually believe that she would buy MORE – I’m certain she has the set from last year. All I know is that the bag was big.  That’s never a good sign.  And she has no big plans for the weekend…..  I’m feeling a photo shoot in our future.  And then she wonders why we retaliate and eat her pillowcases…

So it’s December 1.  And the countdown begins.  My human saw this cool Advent Calendar for dogs on the internet – where you got a treat for each day.  But with shipping, the thing was going to cost something like $60.   She said we can buy quite a few BOXES of treats with $60.  We are not getting the calendar. 

The countdown is also on for the big reopening of the AKC Museum of the Dog in New York City  slated for early 2019.  The museum moved from St. Louis – where it was housed for 30 years.  Anyway, while sniffing around on their Facebook page, I came across AKC TV – which I hate to confess, I didn’t know even existed.  It has info about purebred dogs – and some cool historical videos in a series called Bud Buccone in the Doghouse.  Of course his name had to be Bud.  Here’s one about a skeleton.  Yes. A skeleton.  But it’s an interesting story:

Below that story you will also see some other short videos.  You can also learn about different breeds on the site and some breeds even have videos.  I see the Picard has a video.  But the PON does not.  Who do I talk to about that?  I’ll make a video for them.  Sure I will.  Anyway, it’s resource I thought you might find interesting. 

It’s Saturday.  Long walks.  Lots of fetching.  And we all have a pact – Say NO to ANTLERS.

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
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