The pre -Halloween photo shoots have begun . Heaven help us.

This is the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.  And I am thankful for many things.  But one thing I am NOT thankful for is the Dollar Store.  Mind you I SHOULD be thankful they don’t carry turkey costumes.
Today is going to be interesting.  The priest at my human’s church announced that he will be doing Blessing of the Pets – in honor of St Francis of Assissi – whose feast day was this past week. St. Francis is the patron Saint of animals. 
Now this is the first time, that my human is aware, that they have done this at her parish.  So.  If she takes all three of us, it would likely be the last.  
If one of us goes, I am the OBVIOUS choice.  Hello?  I have the most health issues so clearly I need all the help I can get.  Mind you, Einstein is the oldest.  So he needs blessings for a long life.  And then the FG needs blessings so he starts being less picky with food, and he puts on some weight.  Decisions.  Decisions.
Maybe we could all stay in the vehicle and the priest could walk over to us.  Bad idea.  Picture Einstein throwing himself at the window and the FG howling from in his crate.  The priest would go to get his exorcism kit.
Well this will be interesting.  Check in tomorrow to see if my human has been excommunicated.
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 23

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