I’m guilty of fake news….

Well I stand corrected.  I can’t BELIEVE I actually posted fake news.  My reputation as a credible news source is shattered. There go my ratings. 

What news did I convey erroneously?  The Ozzie news.  My story about Harry and Meghan’s new dog.  I reported (as did MANY other news sources) that their new dog was named Oz.  And I rambled on about it.  All wrong. APPARENTLY, he is a she – and her name is a secret. I think they just read my blog and changed the name.  
So the real name is a mystery.  Here are some obvious choices: Queenie, Princess, Lady, Sparlke, and Jewel.  I personally like Tori ( short for Viktor….or Victoria). That’s what I really hope it is.
As I was researching info for this blog, I have come to realize that Harry is truly a dog lover.  Here’s a short video of Harry and dogs.  Lots of dogs…
Whether or not you are a Royalty fan, you have to admit – this guy clearly likes us canines!  
Now let’s hope he and Meghan chose the right name…
Have a good one!  Peace and paws up!
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